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Terms of Service

  • I will draw: NL/BL/GL, NSFW, OCs, Fanart, Yume

  • I will not draw: Mechas, Furries (Hrothgars from FFXIV are an exception!), Explicit Gore

  • Illustrations will have WHITE or TRANSPARENT backgrounds at base prices unless stated otherwise in the commission description.

How to Order:
  • Answer and submit the order form.

  • Visual or written references are required.

  • Image information:

    • ​Canvas size is usually A5 to A4 in size, but if you have a size reference please let me know.

    • Backgrounds are white or transparent unless you want another color as a background. If you do, please let me know.

  • Let me know if you want to receive WIPs in the order form by clicking 'Yes'. I will send s basic sketch, lineart, flat colors, and then the final piece once you approve of the first three.

  • You may only have until 2 minor corrections (eye color or small detail on the outfit).

  • When I receive the order form, I will email you the price confirmation for payment.

  • No Rushing. Commissions have a turnaroundtime of 2-6 weeks starting when I send you the first sketch WIP.

  • Commissions are not subject to deadlines. I may take 2 weeks to 4 months depending on my schedule and the scale of the commission.

  • If you'd like to commission me for a style not currently offered, please email me at

Copyright and Usage
  • Commissions are for personal use only. Any commissioned art may not be used for any commercial or profitable use.

  • The commissioners are allowed to upload the commissioned art to their social media websites with a link/credit to me. The commissioner may not claim the commission as their work.

  • You are not allowed to use my work to submit to AI Generating Machines and/or mint it to become an NFT.

  • I reserve the right to display any finished commission to my social media pages and portfolio.

  • For commercial work, email for inquiries.

  • Payments are through Paypal and in USD only.

  • I'll only start working on the commission after full payment.

  • For large commissions, we can discuss a payment plan.

  • No refunds.

  • I reserve my right to cancel a commission and return payment without prior notification. If emergencies such as sickness or broken tablet/PC come up.

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